LED Upgrades

LED are the newest, most energy efficient lighting source available. Because of their tremendous efficiency, the LED lighting technology is revolutionizing illumination as we know it. From the back lighting on your keyboard to the street lights outside of your home – LED’s are more and more rapidly being integrated as the best lighting solution to any need.

Although they differ from the traditional bulbs, LED’s can be put into lamps and used like most other light bulbs. They are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. It is finally possible to save energy on lighting without having to sacrifice quality. Also, LED’s have a far greater lifespan than the other traditional bulbs, saving you money not only in electricity costs, but in replacement costs as well.

Some Quick Facts

Safe for use

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, environmentally friendly LED lighting contains no mercury or other toxins making them safe to work around and dispose of.

Safe to light

LEDs do not emit ultra violet (UV) light, which means the light is less harsh on skin and clothes, and won’t attract bugs. Easy on parchment, artwork, and sensitive materials, LEDs are ideal for museum lighting applications.

Cool to the touch

The LED bulb doesn’t generate significant amounts of heat, which means they are cool to the touch and ideal for heat sensitive lighting arrangements.


Resistant to vibrations and shocks, LEDs are one of the most stable light sources available.

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Don’t be a DIY hero

LED lighting can be confusing! What LED should I choose? What’s a good beam angle? Will it be compatible with existing transformers? How long will it last? Will it be compatible with my existing dimmers? Will it fit? Do I have existing damage caused by halogen globes? Is my house wiring up to Australian standards? Will my LED’s interfere with my TV & radio frequencies?

So, avoid the expense and frustration of a DIY experiment and let our experts do it right the first time. We will select the right LED light for the right room and one of our Grade A electricians will install it for you!

We can advise on the best and most appropriate solution, so start saving today. Call our friendly staff to organise a free assessment and quote.


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