Wiring Panels & Rewiring

Bardwell Electrical provides a vast plethora of electrical rewiring services. A name to reckon with, we have been providing multiple professional electrical services suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes for many years. From complete domestic wiring, panel manufacturing to house rewiring; Bardwell Electrical has left other market competitors far behind with its constant, unmatchable performance, all conducted by seasoned professionals and carting our 5 year guarantee.

Often we realize that kitchen or washroom wiring is in poor condition. Or may be just the bedroom switches are not performing properly. There’s no need to completely rewire your home or business. We are here to solve all your electricity related problems. Get reliable support from Bardwell Electrical. From home wiring, panels fixing to emergency services – you can be sure of the fact that you are getting the best services in Sydney.

Wiring panels is necessary not only in houses but also in businesses, the size does not matter here. Be it small business right through to large commercial organisations– electrical service panels are a must to manage an even power supply throughout the house or building. Now, while many a people take a great interest in exploring their skills in house rewiring or fixing a blown fuse, a few of them would like to try their hands in wiring panels.

With the basic knowledge in electrical services, one must not go beyond opening the door of the panel placed in one of the basement walls as it can be really dangerous, even life threatening.

To help you out in such critical situations, Bardwell Electrical is ready 24/7, with electricians offering numerous set of specialization services.

As electrical services encompass multiple electrical rewiring, home wiring panels, installation and many more, you will easily get what you are looking for.

Main wiring services provided

  • Wiring Panels
  • Whole house wiring and rewiring
  • Cable TV, telephone wiring
  • Network wiring
  • Other types of electrical rewiring

Don’t stress when it comes wiring. Relax as you have the best assistant right here, Barwell Electrical will come out whenever you have a problem with wiring panels, network wiring etc. Call our friendly staff to organise a free assessment and quote.


Quality Electrical Service

Bardwell electrical guarantee to provide impeccable service in every job that we carry out. We are Sydney’s highest quality electricians, offering electrical services all over Sydney. For further information on our services please call our friendly staff to organise a free assessment and quote.